Friday, February 17, 2012

All Top Chef Interview with Beverly Kim - Continued

ATC: This is Laura Kluvo from All Top Chef and I'm on the phone with Beverly Kim. Hi Beverly.

BK: Hi, How are you?

ATC: Great. You are a tough competitor!

I am sure that you never expected that you would have to shoot a gun and ski and cook in the freezing cold. Did you think that was fair?

BK: I knew that it was going to be hard. I had no idea we would be in the "Culinary Olympics" at Whistler. But whatever they were going to throw at us, I was ready. I signed up for it.

So, I mean, I wish I could have been in the kitchen where I had everything I needed to work with.

But you know Top Chef is all about twists and turns and how you overcome them.

Basically it is a game and you have to overcome the challenges.

ATC: How much time went by between the end of the competition and the start of the finale.?

BK: About four months.

ATC: Did you do anything to prepare for the finale during that time?

BK: Every day off that I had, I would practice new dishes. I imagined what I would make for the final round, for my "last meal" that would really represent my style.

Unfortunately I didn't get to show that but hopefully my fans will follow me and have the chance to try those dishes.

ATC: Padma seemed very emotional during your elimination. Did you feel that she was rooting for you?

BK: Well, we are both Asian-American and we are both moms, so I suppose there was a little bit of a connection there. Of course she was very professional, and I never got to talk to her personally or get to know her beyond what you see on the show. I definitely could relate to her.

ATC: Beverly, tell us about your family.

BK: I have a son who is two - he is crazy! He definitely makes me laugh and wears me out. I am married. My husband is a chef as well.

ATC: How cold was it on the mountain?

BK: Oh it was freezing! It was a miserable wet cold. We had warmers in our boots. Once we got moving it wasn't too bad though,

ATC: Beverly, we area almost out of time, is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

BK: I would like to thank my fans and to invite them to my restaurant and I hope they will come and check out my food. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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