Friday, July 27, 2012

All Top Chef Interview with Missy Robbins - Continued

ATC:  What is the most popular item on the menu at A Voce?

MR:  We change the menu around a lot, so I can't say there is one item, and our menu isn't really very big, but we are definitely known for our pasta.   We do a serious pasta program at both restaurants, and it's an important part of the A Voce culture.

ATC:  Did you watch the previous seasons of Top Chef Masters?

MR:  Oh yes.

ATC:  Did you do anything in particular to prepare for the competition?

MR:  Yes, I did a couple of quickfires at home for fun.  I have never done any competitive cooking before.  We cook against the clock every night at the restaurant, so I wasn't too worried about that.  You could watch the show a hundred times and there is really nothing to prepare you.

ATC:  When you walked in to the kitchen and saw the other chefs, who did you believe would be your toughest competition?

MR:  Definitely Chris Cosentino.

ATC:  Chef Missy, we are almost out of time, is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

MR:  It was really unfortunate what happened, and I was certainly very angry at the time, but that was a long time ago and I've had time to digest it.  It was a really great experience just to be in the kitchen with all of the chefs.  As I said on the show, I have made a lot of good friends and I have no regrets.

ATC:  Thank you Chef Missy.

MR:  Thank you!