Friday, June 10, 2011

All Top Chef Interview with Naomi Pomeroy - Continued

ATC: What was the best thing about appearing on the show?

NP: Meeting new lifelong colleagues and friends.

ATC: Which was your favorite challenge?

NP: Probably the quickfire with my Dad. I mean, it was awesome for us to all see our family- after having been gone so long, and been through so much. We all were able to go out to dinner together after that challenge and it was very sweet getting to know everyone

ATC: Tell us about your restaurant.

NP: Beast is a tiny 24 seat fixed menu restaurant. We do 6 courses- and the menu changes each week. It is only me, my sous-chef, 2 cooks, and 2 servers.. It's a small operation. A family really. I love it. We are all really happy and self expressed- and it shows in our food I think.

ATC: Congratulations on your very strong showing.

NP: Thanks. It was really fun, and I was happy to have made $25,000 for my charity! Honestly, I wouldn't have done so well if it wasn't for the support and encouragement of Traci and Floyd. I really felt like they were a huge support and I really appreciated getting to know them, and all the other chefs.

ATC: What are you working on now?

NP: I am just back to cooking everyday!! It's nice. I go to the farmers market, haul produce around in my car- talk to farmers- It's all very glamorous !! (Kidding). It's my life and I love it. I hug my kid a lot..and Just built a chicken coop in my back-yard .... (soooooo Portland!) hahaha

ATC: Chef Naomi, is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

NP: Just that I appreciate the support through the show. I feel like most of my fans probably really love cooking and simple delicious food.. .I say keep it up! Cooking is about practice- and patience..and I want to encourage people to know about their food, connect to it, and connect to their families through it...

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