Monday, September 19, 2011

All Top Chef Interview with "Top Chef Just Desserts" Season 2 Chef Melissa Camacho Continued

Did you watch the first season of TCJD?
Briefly, but I was also familiar with Top Chef because my husband works with Angelo Sosa.

What did you do to prepare for the competition?
Is there really any way to prepare? I definitely researched new techniques and flavor profiles, but I wish I had done stress or sleep deprivation tests, that may have helped more.

In the very first challenge your partner was eliminated, and the other chefs seemed to shun you afterward. If you could go back is there anything you would change?.
I wish I had been more vocal about the obvious issues earlier on, instead of waiting until it was too late. I do think it was important to stand up for myself, but being that I was already upset about our performance, I let myself get a bit dramatic.

The Wonka challenge was fabulous! Did you taste any of the desserts? Yes, Carlos’ macaroons were amazing, as were Rebecca’s cupcakes.

Have you perfected the green doughnut?
I’d like to think so, but I’ll have to let our ilili fans decide that. I’m sending out the doughnuts as a special treat for tomorrow’s brunch.

Did you feel that the other chefs deliberately undermined you when they failed to provide your “stems” or was it just an honest oversight?
I definitely don’t feel anyone was being deliberate, but it was clear that the original plan went askew once everyone thought about themselves. I hadn’t planned my time to include drilling and setup, so it wasn’t ideal. At the end of the day, my doughnuts didn’t turn out how I wanted, and that’s all me.

Do you have a website?
No, but you can follow me and ilili on twitter. @ililirestaurant and @melissabcamacho

Have you remained in touch with any of the other chefs? Who is your best friend from the cast?
We all got along really well, to be honest. I’m closest to Vanarin, Rebecca and Megan. They’re so talented!

Describe your “signature dessert.”
Honestly, it changes constantly as I learn and try new things. Right now, I’d say it’s Chocolate Date Cake with Carob Cream, Coconut Sorbet and Chocolate Meringue. Though, based on Hubert’s reaction, maybe I should stick with the cardamom.

Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?
You mean my mom? No, honestly I’m so grateful for all the people who’ve been sending me support. I just hope I didn’t let them down! Thank you, and I’ll buy you dessert.

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